From House to Home (5/8)

Part Five – Housebound

Despite the beautiful exhaustion that comes with having two little ones under two, and my semi-active social life, I started getting restless and antsy. I couldn’t help but notice that I was a little angrier, a little edgier than normal. I would grip the wheel of my brand new white Audi Q7 with my Bugaboo stroller in the back just a little too tightly.

I had dark circles under my eyes, dull skin, I couldn’t sleep, and my neck always hurt. The littlest inconveniences I encountered during my day started annoying me like never before.

I felt like I had gone from happy-go-lucky-fun-sexy-girlfriend to Type-A-naggy-old-hag in a matter of a few years. My husband noticed it too. He would ask me why I seemed a little off lately. I honestly couldn’t give him a good answer. I told him it was hormones from the pregnancy, then I told him it was hormones from breastfeeding. When in doubt, blame the hormones. It bought me time to figure out what the hell my problem was.

In the meantime, we were going full-steam ahead with renovating our kitchen. We scoped out a top-of-the-line German kitchen from an uber trendy European kitchen store in Austin. We threw in a wine fridge and a ridiculously expensive automated cappuccino maker that was all digital, and created your personalized coffee profile so you could customize your exact pour and amount of caffeine you desire.

There were built-in lights that illuminated the drawers when you opened them, you know, in case you happened to be fumbling around blindly for your wine bottle opener at midnight. Although I’m pretty sure the wine fridge came with an automatic one installed. I couldn’t wait.

I was going to begin each day at the cappuccino maker and end each day at the wine fridge. I would have my sushi delivered. It was looking like I would never have to leave my house again…





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